Highway 61, Revisited

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On the road again on Minnesota’s north shore.

By Sam Ziegler

Once again we find ourselves here, packing the car, and heading northbound towards Duluth. Over the years these trips have become much more than weekend getaways, but an escape that we long for — from work, from the city, especially as the leaves begin to turn.

Highway MN-61 runs for 149 miles along the North shore of Lake Superior, from Duluth all the way to Grand Portage, and continues on into Canada. It was part of US-61 from 1926 until 1991 when it was reclaimed its own as Minnesota 61. This is a road that we’ve traveled over and over again through the years, up and down, making no effort to get back to the cities too quickly. We have our favorite stops along 61, for sure, but we seem to always find somewhere new to explore, a new turn to take, and always a new photograph. 

This is a series of images taken over a number of years along Highway 61. — S.Z.

Sam Ziegler is @sam.ziegler on Instagram

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